About Us

Ray Munn sells the very best products when it comes to finishing and decorating your home. Be it Designer Paints or Specialists Products, we have over 20 years of industry experience and the right team to help you with your decorating needs.

There are many different reasons why Ray Munn offers an unrivalled shopping experience when buying decorating materials. Here are some of them:

We offer the most innovative, sophisticated, recognised brands currently sold in the UK. These brands invariably offer high quality, durability are environmentally friendly and are available in a huge array of beautiful colours. All of these paints offer exceptional coverage, weathering properties, colour retention and low VOC contents.

As the UK's leading supplier of specialist decorating materials, we're a favourite port of call for architects, interior designers and many of the popular 'home makeover' programmes that can be seen on virtually every TV channel. Our mission is to market innovative, stylish and unique high quality products which offer exceptional value to our customers.

Orders can be placed online or by phone on Tel.: +44 207 736 9876